Challenges & Solutions

Navigate through ad verification complexities effortlessly.

IP Management

Avoid IP blocks and maintain continuous ad monitoring with our advanced IP rotation techniques.


Overcome geo-restrictions and verify ads across the globe, focusing on USA and European regions.


Our stringent QA process ensures data accuracy and anonymity throughout your ad verification journey.

Session Management

Extend your sessions and initiate multiple verification tasks in parallel without being flagged.

Fraud Prevention

Successfully resist ad fraudsters with our robust detection mechanisms.

Data Quality

Our automated and manual QA checks ensure the highest data quality.

Global Coverage

Our focus on USA and European regions ensures you can verify ads from virtually anywhere.


High-quality service starting at a $500/month commitment, offering unparalleled cost-to-value ratio.

Data We Can Crawl for You

Leverage our expertise to acquire the most relevant data for your ad verification needs.

Ad Content & Metadata

Click Paths

Ad Placements

Competitor Ads

Display Conditions

User Interactions

Pricing Models

Specialized Ad Verification Use Cases

Tailored solutions to meet the unique challenges of ad verification.

Click Fraud Detection

Identify and prevent click fraud activities to safeguard your ROI.

Context Verification

Ensure that your ads are displayed in the right context, reaching your target audience effectively.

Viewability Measurement

Measure how often your ads are actually viewed, optimizing your ad spend.

Brand Safety

Ensure your ads are not displayed in environments that could harm your brand's reputation.

Geo-Targeting Accuracy

Verify the accuracy of geo-targeted ads, focusing on the USA and European regions.

Ad Performance Auditing

Continuous monitoring and auditing of your ad's performance metrics.

Compliance Monitoring

Ensure that your advertising is in line with legal and platform-specific guidelines.

Affiliate Verification

Verify the credibility and performance of affiliate partners in your ad campaigns.

Trusted Globally

Enterprises worldwide choose us for unrivaled data quality and scalable solutions.

Kickstart Your Data Journey

Navigating the data landscape can be challenging. With WebScrapingHQ, simplify your path to actionable insights. We deliver datasets tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you have the quality data that drives informed business decisions

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Clarify your understanding of our Ad Verification Solutions. Learn how we tackle challenges, deliver specialized solutions, and what types of data we can provide for you.

What challenges in ad verification do you address?

We offer solutions for IP Management, Geo-Restrictions, Anonymity, Session Management, Fraud Prevention, Data Quality, Global Coverage, and Cost-Effectiveness.

Do you offer specialized solutions?

Yes, we provide tailored solutions for Click Fraud Detection, Context Verification, Viewability Measurement, Brand Safety, Geo-Targeting Accuracy, Ad Performance Auditing, Compliance Monitoring, and Affiliate Verification.

What data can you crawl for me?

We can acquire Ad Content & Metadata, Click Paths, Ad Placements, Competitor Ads, Display Conditions, User Interactions, and Pricing Models.

Is the service cost-effective?

Yes, we offer high-quality services starting at a $500/month commitment, ensuring an unparalleled cost-to-value ratio.

How do you ensure data quality?

Our automated and manual QA checks ensure that you receive the highest quality data.

Do you offer global coverage?

Yes, our focus on the USA and European regions allows you to verify ads from virtually anywhere.

How can I get started?

You can get started by contacting us through the link provided on the website.

Is my brand's safety guaranteed?

Yes, we ensure your ads are not displayed in environments that could harm your brand's reputation.

Do you help in compliance monitoring?

Absolutely, we ensure that your advertising is in line with legal and platform-specific guidelines.